Month: February 2010

Social Media Versus Micro-Sites

With Social Media being used more and more by big brands as a tool to engage with their customers, it beggars the question; Why should brands create micro-sites at all? Simply Zesty suggest that a focus on Social Media offers far more benefits to brands in the long term than micro-sites.

Whereas micro-sites can be short-lived and quite gimmicky, social media strategies go a lot further in developing relationships with customers as opposed to providing a fleeting novelty for users in the form of games or competitions.

Micro-sites can be very expensive to set up and require individual promotional attention and once the campaign is finished, the content is discarded, never to be seen again. Micro-sites are also said to suffer from limited interaction and offer no future leverage of the users who come across them. The beauty of social media as a platform is that you have a ‘springboard for future campaigns that doesn’t require any media spend, you have a ready made audience who have interacted with your brand in the past’.

Social media profiles provide a brilliant alternative to micro-sites and while micro-sites can make an impact in the short term, when it comes to garnering a long term following for your brand you really can’t top social media.

Innocent Facebook Game

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