Month: February 2014

Delivery drones come to Dubai. Kind of

28th February 2014

There’s been a lot of talk over the last couple of months about Amazon’s delivery drone concept and how it could revolutionize logistics and online purchasing in particular. But even Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos admits it is up to 5 years from seeing the light of day due to the multitude of regulations and lengthy approval process required to get such an idea off the ground (pun very much intended) in the United States.

Similarly, the government of Dubai announced at the Government Summit earlier this month that they are also testing delivery drones with the intention of using them for delivery of government documents such as ID’s amongst other things. With the city of Dubai presumably able to fast-track the testing process and waive certain regulations in its continued bid to brand itself as an innovation hub, could drone delivery become the norm in Dubai a lot sooner than we thought?

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Nokia launch first ever Android smartphone

They might be in the middle of being acquired by Microsoft with the intention of ultimately becoming a Windows-only phone producer, but that hasn’t stopped Nokia announcing today the launch of their first Android smartphone, the Nokia X, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The new model comes in three versions (the X, X+ and XL) and is aimed at the masses with modest specs and a low-cost design resulting in a cheap price-point of €89. Hardly a competitor to the iPhone 5 or Galaxy S4, the range is hoped to find a market with price sensitive users in Eastern Europe, Asia and South America. It’s not going to bring them back to their glory days as the biggest handset maker in the world but it’s a move in the right direction at least.

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A fortnight of birthdays for Apple and Facebook

While Facebook might have turned 10 years old on Tuesday, another birthday that seemed to have passed under the radar somewhat over the last week or so is the Apple Mac’s big 3-0. While the Mac wasn’t Apple’s first foray into the personal computing space it is undoubtedly their longest lasting.

While the company struggled in the early 1990’s, the revamp of the Mac range in 1998 gave the company the boost it needed to pick itself up and pursue interests in other fields including music and mobile technology. Without the success of the new iMac in the late 1990’s, the company could easily have folded.

They celebrated the occasion by launching a pretty inspiring ad shot around the world entirely on the iPhone on the day of the birthday itself (January 24th) highlighting how far Apple has come since the Mac was launched in such bold fashion way back in 1984.

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