Month: August 2023

Free-returns might become a thing of the past

I came across this excellent article by Amanda Mull in The Atlantic about how free ecommerce returns might be going the way of the dodo.

Processing returns is obviously a massive expense to retailers. While letting customers return goods bought online for free was a much needed tactic during the early years of the ecommerce revolution to reduce the perceived risk involved in buying clothes without seeing them with your own eyes, now that most people are used to online shopping, this could be a perk that is open for being chopped.

“A little bit more friction in the purchase process can be a good thing. In part, returns rates have become so high because online shopping has been built into a perfect vehicle for overconsumption”.

Free Returns The Atlantic

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My latest talk at the Sitecore Strategy webinar

My latest talk at the Sitecore Strategy webinar

I was delighted to speak at the 14th SMAC webinar on 8th August 2023 about Sitecore Send alongside the fantastic Samantha Goble and Daulton Allison of XCentium and Kimberly McCabe of Perficient. The full line-up is below.

  • Samantha Goble and Daulton Allison, M.S. of XCentium on tips for creating digital strategy plans and documentation to help marketing teams to grow their personalization and content operations.
  • Robert McGovern of Sagittarius on the top things you’ll need to know how to do to speed run Sitecore. Send
  • Kimberly McCabe of Perficient on how to resonate with customers by knowing their JOBS in 3 areas.
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