Month: November 2013

British Airways Real-Time Billboards Acknowledge Passing Planes

I really can’t get enough of these real-time digital billboards! Here is the latest example from British Airways whereby the billboard reacts to passing planes and gives passers by information on where  the plane is going to and little details like what the weather is like at the destination. They use the image of a child pointing to the plane evoking the childlike sense of wonder in the magic of travel and really make you want to jump on a plane yourself and take a holiday.

These ads are accompanied by a marketing message relevant to each flight, like ‘Fly the new A380 to Los Angeles’ or provide info on the lowest fare that you can get on that flight. Brilliant!

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Is Coin The Solution To Carrying Multiple Cards?

While some of us wait patiently for smartphone payments to become a reality, Coin have taken a different approach and developed a device that allows users to ‘carry’ multiple payment options in a single card.

It’s a great product, and I can see it finding a niche among technophiles, but surely there’s a smartphone app out there that’s capable of doing something similar and building a critical mass, although there’s still the seemingly significant hurdle of changing consumer behaviour first, and that’s where Coin might have an advantage.

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