Month: October 2012

Where will technology take us in the future?

Futurist Peter Schwartz and a group of thought leaders discuss how technology is facilitating collaboration in new ways and how that is rapidly changing the way society works, the way business is conducted and everything in between.

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CNN Money Tests Out Mobile Payment Apps in NYC

With most of us destined to do away with cash and pay for everything with our smartphones over the coming years, CNN Money’s Laurie Segall tests out 4 popular pay-by-phone apps that are currently doing the rounds.

Using Google Wallet’s NFC offering (below) and mobile payment apps from PayPal, Square and LevelUp, we see how easy it is to ditch your wallet and pay with your mobile today in New York City.

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Paddy Power Tweets in the skies over the Ryder Cup

Another great bit of publicity generation from Paddy Power. The Dublin-based bookies took to the skies to broadcast its followers’ Tweets in support of the European team at this weekend’s Ryder Cup in Chicago.

Using the hashtag ‘#goeurope’, 60 Tweets over the course of the weekend were written in the skies by stunt pilots visible from more than 20 miles in the world’s first Twitter campaign of its kind.

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