A fortnight of birthdays for Apple and Facebook

While Facebook might have turned 10 years old on Tuesday, another birthday that seemed to have passed under the radar somewhat over the last week or so is the Apple Mac’s big 3-0. While the Mac wasn’t Apple’s first foray into the personal computing space it is undoubtedly their longest lasting.

While the company struggled in the early 1990’s, the revamp of the Mac range in 1998 gave the company the boost it needed to pick itself up and pursue interests in other fields including music and mobile technology.¬†Without the success of the new iMac in the late 1990’s, the company could easily have folded.

They celebrated the occasion by launching a pretty inspiring ad shot around the world entirely on the iPhone on the day of the birthday itself (January 24th) highlighting how far Apple has come since the Mac was launched in such bold fashion way back in 1984.