Over half of all the phones sold over Christmas were Apple

The results are in, and it’s very good news for Apple. Over the Christmas period, more than half of all new mobile activations worldwide were Apple devices. This is huge when you consider the fact that Apple typically accounts for around 12% of ┬átotal worldwide smartphone sales during any particular quarter. Surprise, surprise – we’re all less price sensitive at Christmas, and this year people seem to be falling over themselves to gift the new iPhone 6.

What’s striking about these figures though is how far ahead of the competition they are when it comes to cold hard numbers. ┬áSamsung devices only make up 17% of new mobile sales over this period, three times less than Apple (Samsung will face a tough 2015 as I mentioned before) and Nokia accounted for less than 6%. Out of all the other competing smartphone manufacturers, only Sony and LG managed to make up over 1% of sales. It looks like it’s going to be a good year for Apple.

Xmas Device Activations