Biometric wearables could eliminate passwords & keys

The potential of wearable technology and the internet of things seem to be hot topics at the moment and many are waiting on the arrival of Apple’s iWatch in the Autumn to kick this space into gear. In the meantime though, devices like this slick wrist band Nymi give us a glimpse of the possibilities of living in a world where we are constantly connected to the things around us.

Nymi  utilizes motion sensors and location tracking to pick up user movement and lets the wearer open car doors, login to their computers and make wireless payments, among other things, all with a flick of their wrist. The device uses the wearer’s heartbeat (yep that’s right, heartbeat!) for authentication purposes, thus removing the need for constant passwords and pretty much being as secure as you can really hope for.

Travel technology site Skift also highlights how devices  like this could streamline the travel experience, allowing wearers to check-in for a flight, drop off baggage and enter an aircraft all via unmanned gates, as well as skipping hotel check-ins and accessing your room all via the wristband.

If devices like this can remove the need for carrying keys and remembering passwords, they could really positively impact our lives. Either way, I have a feeling we are about to see a lot more of this type of thing over the coming months.