Michael O’Leary’s New Years Resolution

Ryanair have one of the worst images in the airline industry when it comes to customer experience. They almost revel in this thought too with Michael O’Leary constantly talking about ridiculous hypothetical ideas like charging customers for using the toilets on the plane and having all-standing flights. But it looks like 2014 will mark a change in approach.

To add to their much needed website redesign at the tail end of last year, a host of new improvements are to be made to the whole Ryanair experience over the coming months.

Some of these changes include a simplified booking process, allocated seating, a 24-hour grace period for rectifying minor errors on bookings, allowing a second free small carry-on bag, lower boarding card reissue fees and lower airport and baggage fees.

In addition, the airline’s mobile experience is to undergo a complete revamp with a new app being launched in May as well as a new smartphone booking service and, my personal favourite, smartphone boarding passes to be made available from April.

While I can understand why many people find reasons to complain about Ryanair, they are genuinely one of my favourite companies and I’m delighted to see them start trying to “eliminate things that unnecessarily piss people off ” like O’Leary pledged at September’s AGM.

Posted by Rob in e-Commerce, Retail, Ryanair