Amazon has Square & PayPal in it’s sights

Following my post from last week about the imminent entry of the big tech giants to the mobile payment space, it was timely that another one of The Big Four made public their intentions. During the week, Amazon made it clear that they also want a piece of the pie and announced that they plan to launch a suspiciously Square-like mobile card reader and app platform called Amazon Local Register.

And guess what? – they plan to undercut Square and PayPal on the fees they charge retailers by a whole percentage point (1.75% to Square’s 2.75%,and PayPal’s 2.7%). No surprise there then as Amazon have certainly been upping the ante recently when it comes to throwing their weight around, brazenly squeezing their suppliers. They also take a swipe (get it?) at Square’s perceived lack of retailer support by highlighting their ‘awarding-winning’ customer service.

Let the games begin.


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CNN Money Tests Out Mobile Payment Apps in NYC

With most of us destined to do away with cash and pay for everything with our smartphones over the coming years, CNN Money’s Laurie Segall tests out 4 popular pay-by-phone apps that are currently doing the rounds.

Using Google Wallet’s NFC offering (below) and mobile payment apps from PayPal, Square and LevelUp, we see how easy it is to ditch your wallet and pay with your mobile today in New York City.

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Starbucks To Accept Mobile Payments With Square

Square will soon begin processing all credit and debit card transactions at Starbucks stores in the United States, streamlining the payment process in-store with customers eventually being able to charge their order to their credit cards simply by saying their names.

A huge coup for Square, this will see the company processing payments at 11,000 Starbucks stores on street corners across America. While mobile payments have a long way to go, this is the clearest sign yet of their mainstream inevitability.

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