Dell Use Twitter to Facilitate Customer Feedback And Even Increase Sales

Although this video is not exactly new, it only came to my attention this week through a New York Times article by small business guru, Melinda Emerson, who singles out Dell as one of the first big companies to effectively utilise social media to both listen, and sell, to customers.

It seems that Dell has dedicated some serious resources (like Gatorade did in 2010) to monitoring their mentions on social media. And with the company mentioned more than 25,000 times each day, you can see why. Dell’s social media director Cory Edwards claims that the most important factor in being successful on social media is to really listen to your customers and show them you’re using their feedback to change the way you do business, which Dell has shown with its @DellCares Twitter presence.

On the sales front, by offering exclusive deals to customers through its @DellOutlet Twitter feed, the company is actually leveraging Twitter to increase sales. With ROI presumably easy enough to measure here, they can see what works and what doesn’t.  And with nearly 1.5 million followers, I can only imagine that the @DellOutlet Twitter movement is proving quite fruitful for them.