Delta Airlines Starts Selling Through Their Facebook Page

So it’s great having lots of Facebook Fans and it’s great having a platform to communicate with your customers online and build brand loyalty and awareness but when it comes down to it, there are precious few good examples out there of companies actually using Facebook for generating sales. While Dominos Pizza provide a good example of a company using Social Media to boost online orders, users can’t actually order a pizza on Dominos’ Facebook page.

Delta Airlines have begun trying to turn their Facebook presence into sales having recently launched the Delta Ticket Window, a Facebook application that lets Facebook users find, book and share flights onthe airline’s Facebook page. By doing this they have become the first brand to isolate the entire booking process inside Facebook. The ‘Ticket Window’ was introduced to keep the user on Delta’s Facebook Page for the duration of the booking process, as well as encourage them to share the flights they book with their friends. This could be a great way of spreading the brand through Facebook as, if you’ve just booked a flight, you’re probably going to want to let your friends know about it.

The use of Facebook as an e-commerce tool may be something that will appeal to many businesses in the future. After all, if you can sell your wares and communicate with your customers through Facebook, why would you need a website at all?