Facebook ‘Like’ Button increases Blog Traffic By 50%

According to a TypePad report published today, bloggers who installed Facebook ‘Like’ buttons on their blogs have reported a 50% increase in referal traffic from Facebook. This increase is basically due to the fact that when people read these blogs, and ‘Like’ them, it comes up on their friends Facebook pages that they ‘Like’ the blogpost in question. This gives their Facebook friends the opportunity of discovering the blogs that they find interesting and, if they are also interested in the topic, they may click through and read it for themselves. This 50% increase in blog traffic from ‘Likes’ suggests that the ‘Like’ button is an effective way in spreading recommendations and endorsements between friends online.

I know this report refers to increasing traffic to blogs in particular, but it suggests that Facebook users are giving the ‘Like’ button their seal of approval. This is an encouraging sign for brands embracing the ‘Like’ button (e.g. Levi’s, EasyDeals.ie) as it suggests that there is potential in spreading product information and marketing messages through social networking sites.

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