Marketing is like Tinder

This has to be my quote of the week, coming from the Advertising Week Europe festival in London;

“Marketing has become like Tinder; in one second you decide to engage with that content or swipe it away, and that’s what brands have to get used to.”

Huib van Bockel

It’s no surprise to anyone that marketing in the digital age has become a much more fragmented affair, with consumers bombarded with more and more marketing messages across a multitude of channels and a vast array of devices. We are becoming increasingly more fickle and hard to make an impression on – experts in evaluating what is, and isn’t, worth our attention, and ignoring the noise.

Tinder It's A Match

This sparked the above sentiment from Huib van Bockel, ex-Marketing Director of Red Bull UK, who suggested that brand marketing is becoming like the dating app Tinder, with people deciding almost instantly whether to engage with your brand or move on to the next one vying for your attention.

With it becoming so much harder these days to stand out in the crowd and get a viewer’s attention, it should encourage brands and marketers to re-evaluate how they might be perceived in such a small time frame, and what they can do to increase the likelihood of viewers ‘swiping right’ on their brand and starting a relationship. The type of relationship you can start in such a one-night-stand style environment is a story for another day!