Facebook targets mobile payments in Europe via Irish e-payments license

It’s been almost 2 years since I wrote about the new payment function in the Facebook Messenger app but it finally looks like the feature might be coming to Europe too after the company has secured an e-payments license from the Central Bank of Ireland.

Facebook payments

The Central Bank of Ireland’s register shows that the license was authorised to Facebook Payments International Limited (FBPIL) in October for “e-money issuance” and “payment services.” An Irish license would apply throughout the other 27 European Union member states.

In the short term, it means that Facebook Messenger will be able to roll out its peer-to-peer payment features in Europe, letting users send money to friends via the Messenger app (see below), but in the future this could also include payments to businesses as well.

For an insight in to what might be possible in the future, check out this example of two friends talking about, searching for, booking and paying for flights all within Messenger!