Shopkick Brings Mobile Technology To The Shop Floor

Shopkick is a new iPhone app just released in the States that sends users special offers and information tailored to their interests as soon as they walk into their favourite stores. This is a great example of how mobile technology can be used on the shop floor in retail outlets to target customers directly.

Shopkick not only allows retailers to offer users targeted information and promotions but also lets them track customer shopping habits. Shopkick users can also collect bonus points for regular visits to their favourite stores and there is also scope for offering individual customers promotions that are exclusive to them.

Macy’s, Best Buy and American Eagle Outfitters are the first brands to take up Shopkick and it will be heading to restaurants and coffee shops in the US soon. It’s good to see big retailers embracing mobile technology in this way and it demonstrates the potential for getting customers to engage with brands in a very real way using using their smart phones.