Snapchat is trying to make itself more sticky

Snapchat is a smash hit, there’s no denying that at this stage, especially among younger users. But you don’t win in this game by standing still. This month alone, Snapchat has added a couple of new features which aim to make interaction on the app more sticky, making a concerted move away from the ephemeral nature that defined the app in the beginning.

‘Memories’ is a new feature that helps users preserve and showcase their content by letting them save and categorise their snaps, and thus maintain a longer-lasting personal profile. They’ve also been testing out a new feature that makes following other accounts easier than before, which aims to address the challenge of finding and following new people.

A few months ago, the platform rolled out auto-advance stories, a process that automatically plays friends’ stories one-after-another creating a seamless video-roll of everything you’ve missed since your last visit. And while this was met with some disdain by users, it’s how they plan on facilitating ads, leaving the door open to inserting ads that automatically play between your friends’ posts.