The World Cup and How Football Fans Are Embracing Social Media

With the World Cup well and truly under way, it is quite interesting to observe how football fans are beginning to use social media to express their shared passion for football with other fans across the world.

With Twitter, fans can express their views and see what others have to say live as a match happens. By using Tweet Deck or Trends Map, you can see what other fans around the world think about the same topics as you.

Likewise, Facebook campaigns have been used to get behind a team or to make fun of a situation. A Facebook petition to have France vs. Ireland replayed attained almost 500,000 ‘Likes’! At the moment, Paul, The Psychic Octopus has just under 200,000.

Social media is making following sports online an interactive experience. Fans no longer just read about the latest games and stories, they can express and share their opinions on them as well.

Update: Check out these World Cup 2010 Social Media Stats from Simply Zesty! Some of these figures are staggering – CocaCola’s sponsored Twitter hashtag #WC2010 recieved 86 million impressions in just 24hrs!