Another personalisation fail

I’ve been doing a Personalisation experiment on Twitter for a few months.

My ‘For You’ feed is littered with posts from bullshit accounts like ‘No Context Humans’ and ‘CCTV Idiots’. Every time I see one, I click the ‘Not interested in this post’ option.

It has absolutely zero effect. Every time I go back to the feed I see posts from the same accounts. What gives?

If I tell you I hate (or love) something a million times and you do nothing with that information, that’s a huge missed opportunity.

I get that this generic viral content gets a lot of views and engagement, so Twitter thinks that, by blasting it all over the For You feed, they’ll juice their numbers a bit. But if I tell you time after time that this is something that I explicitly do not like, why on Earth are they not using that information.

File this one in the ‘Doesn’t make sense since Elon showed up’ drawer.

Twitter Not interested in this post X

Stop showing me this shit