11 Middle Eastern startups travelling to the Web Summit

Featured Middle East

I am delighted to be part of the Web Summit‘s global blog team, covering the Middle East region for Europe’s largest tech conference. Click here for the full article.

With the technology revolution continuing to spread across the world, one of the regions with the largest growth potential is the Middle East. As the tech ecosystem gains momentum, an increasing amount of accelerators, angel investors and venture capital funds have been drawn to the region, and many investors here who had historically looked at tangible assets, are now investing in ideas. When you consider that the region has some of the highest smartphone penetration in the world (UAE #1, Saudi Arabia #3) and eCommerce spending is continuing to grow at speed, it’s clear that there is certainly plenty of opportunity in this part of the world.

A host of exciting Middle Eastern start-ups from Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Saudi Arabia will be making their way to Dublin for the Web Summit this November. Here are a few to look out for.

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