The state of mobile commerce in 2014

Criteo have just released their latest report on the state of mobile commerce this year as well as their predictions for 2015. While it’s obvious that people are using their smartphones more and more to shop, here are some of their key findings;

  • Mobile now accounts for over 30% of e-Commerce sales globally
  • Mobile is now about purchasing, not just researching
  • Top quartile retailers generate almost 40% of transactions from mobile
  • Smartphones have overtaken tablets in mobile transactions (could this be due to bigger smartphone screen sizes being easier to shop on?)
  • The average order value on mobile is reaching desktop levels
  • Android shoppers are starting to more readily embrace mobile commerce

In 2015, Criteo predicts that over 50% of e-Commerce transactions in Asia will occur on mobile with the West following closely behind. They go on to predict that smartphones will continue to take over from tablets as the go-to device to shop on as larger screen sizes become the norm, and that more and more brands and advertisers outside of the West will prioritize optimizing their sites for mobile. Understanding cross-device behavior will be the biggest challenge to marketers and retailers.

For a bit more detail, have a skim through the report summary below.