The Old Spice Social Media Phenomenon

Another very innovative piece of marketing that has been all over the internet this past week. The Old Spice commercial that was released a few months back had been a viral hit on its own but Old Spice have used that momentum and built on it using social media to great effect.

Old Spice started posting YouTube videos featuring the ‘Old Spice Guy’ character from the TV commercials delivering personalised messages to fans on Twitter, Facebook and other websites. Regular fans got video responses, but the Old Spice guy also smartly targeted social media-savvy celebrities and bloggers to get the word out and achieve viral status. Perez Hilton (who the video below is directed at) has over 2 million Twitter followers who each would have heard him shout about this video from the rooftops. The Old Spice Twitter account accumulated tens of thousands of new followers and the YouTube videos amassed millions of views.

This campaign highlights the fact that advertising is changing and to keep up with the pack you need to get creative and using multi platform campaigns that have social media elements built in to them can only help.