Social Shopping With Levi’s

This is a prime example of a company embracing the new Facebook ‘Like’ button by integrating it into its website. Visiters to the Levi’s online store can ‘Like’ specific styles of jeans and see what their friends are ‘Liking’ as well. This looks like it could be a great way of adding a social element to shopping online.

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The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us

This lively RSA Animate, adapted from Dan Pink’s talk at the RSA, illustrates the hidden truths behind what really motivates us at home and in the workplace. When it comes to creative thinking and innovative ideas, it appears that money is not much of a motivator after all, more so, a sense of purpose and self-satisfaction.

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Heineken’s Amazing Soccer Swindle

Check out this example of a fantastic guerrilla marketing campaign by Heineken that, in-turn, became a viral video hit.

Heineken staged a fake classical music concert at the same time as a crucial Real Madrid vs. AC Milan game and faced 1,100 unsuspecting Italian football fans with the predicament of either giving in to their girlfriends, professors and bosses who were to convince them by any means necessary to attend the concert, or to ditch the concert and watch the match.

Unsurprisingly, but much to the displeasure of the football fans, most were persuaded to attend the event instead of watching their beloved team in action only to be greeted with a nice surprise a few minutes into the concert.

With 1.5 million people watching their reactions on live TV, and up to five million more watching on the site devoted to the event, not to mention a great deal of news attention, Heineken garnered significant coverage out of this stunt online.

This is a great example of how on-the-ground guerrilla marketing campaigns can be perfectly matched with video marketing and the social web.

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Social Media Versus Micro-Sites

With Social Media being used more and more by big brands as a tool to engage with their customers, it beggars the question; Why should brands create micro-sites at all? Simply Zesty suggest that a focus on Social Media offers far more benefits to brands in the long term than micro-sites.

Whereas micro-sites can be short-lived and quite gimmicky, social media strategies go a lot further in developing relationships with customers as opposed to providing a fleeting novelty for users in the form of games or competitions.

Micro-sites can be very expensive to set up and require individual promotional attention and once the campaign is finished, the content is discarded, never to be seen again. Micro-sites are also said to suffer from limited interaction and offer no future leverage of the users who come across them. The beauty of social media as a platform is that you have a ‘springboard for future campaigns that doesn’t require any media spend, you have a ready made audience who have interacted with your brand in the past’.

Social media profiles provide a brilliant alternative to micro-sites and while micro-sites can make an impact in the short term, when it comes to garnering a long term following for your brand you really can’t top social media.

Innocent Facebook Game

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Most Searched Terms of 2009 Revealed By Google

We already have the most popular search terms from Bing and Yahoo, and now Google have entered the fray with their most searched items of 2009.

It’s no surprise that, in their annual Zeitgeist report, “Michael Jackson” is the fastest rising search term on Google, followed by “Facebook” in second place and “Twitter” in fourth, with Spanish social network “Tuenti” coming in third. The full list is below:

Fastest Rising Search Terms (Global):

1. Michael Jackson
2. Facebook
3. Tuenti
4. Twitter
5. Sanalika
6. New Moon
7. Lady Gaga
8. Windows 7
10. Torpedo Gratis

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