British Airways Real-Time Billboards Acknowledge Passing Planes

I really can’t get enough of these real-time digital billboards! Here is the latest example from British Airways whereby the billboard reacts to passing planes and gives passers by information on where  the plane is going to and little details like what the weather is like at the destination. They use the image of a child pointing to the plane evoking the childlike sense of wonder in the magic of travel and really make you want to jump on a plane yourself and take a holiday.

These ads are accompanied by a marketing message relevant to each flight, like ‘Fly the new A380 to Los Angeles’ or provide info on the lowest fare that you can get on that flight. Brilliant!

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French Fashion Brand’s Billboard Reacts To Weather

Working with CLM BBDO, French fashion brand La Redoute fitted a number of its screen billboards in Paris with temperature and rain sensors allowing the brand to adapt the items it displayed on the billboards to on the weather conditions in the area.

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Real-Time Twitter Marketing During SuperBowl Power Cut

So not only did last nights SuperBowl throw up the usual frenzy surrounding those big budget commercials (not to mention some fantastic drama on the field and a pretty brilliant half-time show), but the 3rd quarter power outtage provided brands with a further opportunity to jump into the conversation too. This was the first SuperBowl that I actually followed live on Twitter and I was seriously impressed to see how quickly some brands reacted to the blackout.

Bravo to the very savvy digital marketers at Oreo, LinkedIn, Audi and Tide, to name but a few, that put out Tweets ridiculing the debacle within minutes of it happening. It goes to show what a great marketing opportunity the SuperBowl can be to brands, even the ones that don’t splash out for a $4 million thirty second TV spot.

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Paddy Power Tweets in the skies over the Ryder Cup

Another great bit of publicity generation from Paddy Power. The Dublin-based bookies took to the skies to broadcast its followers’ Tweets in support of the European team at this weekend’s Ryder Cup in Chicago.

Using the hashtag ‘#goeurope’, 60 Tweets over the course of the weekend were written in the skies by stunt pilots visible from more than 20 miles in the world’s first Twitter campaign of its kind.

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